Friday, November 21, 2008

Changing Lives? Really?

TextMovers has a grand plan to make a positive impact in the world!

Each and everyone of us lives a life that is overflowing with events, to-dos, hobbies, interests, needs, wants, problems and much much more. We run through each day without stopping for a breather. So, how in the world can we find even more time to get educated or updated on stuff we really want to know about? Its simple. Let the information come to you through your mobile phone.

TextMovers was founded by a group of passionate mobile phone users who wanted to solve this problem. We realized that text messaging was the fastest growing feature on the mobile phone, so we decided to put the information into the hands, literally, of the people who want it. We have a selection of services with topics ranging from wedding, maternity, baby development, money, and positive thinking to services for space enthusiasts and pet lovers. We even have an anonymous service that lets you free your mind of any negative thoughts or bottled up emotions.

Can TextMovers really changes lives? Absolutely! Our messages entertain, inform, and brighten up lives. The best part is that our services are FREE (standard text messaging rates apply).

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