Tuesday, November 25, 2008

If postal is snail, what is email?

The most popular forms of computer-mediated communication are SMS (text messaging), instant messaging and email. Our postal mail has long been considered snail mail, so what descriptive term should we have for email compared to SMS and instant messaging? In relative terms to transportation, I see postal mail as driving a car across the US; email as flying in an airplane (its pretty fast but you have delays); and SMS and instant messaging as traveling in the fastest military jet available (no delays and top speed direct to your destination).

OK. So this may not be the best comparison, but what I am trying to say is that SMS and instant messaging are becoming the most popular forms of communication. But why? Because we want information instantly. It has its place in the business world, translating to higher productivity and customer service. It has its place in the consumer market, getting in touch with your friends, receiving product info, and signing up for subscription alert services.

Bottom line: "We want our communication and we want it now."

We'd love to hear about any creative services you use your phone's SMS/instant messaging capabilities for.


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