Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fastest Download You've Ever Seen

We came across an article on the mobile marketing watch website today that says the "theoretical" nature of the 4G is going to be fast, very fast. Download speeds are said to hit 100Mbps with 50Mbps uploads. The fastest rates current phones transfer are only at 7.6Mbps. To put this speed into perspective, the speeds will be faster than the current generation of typical home wireless networking technology and comparable to the emerging 802.11n standard.

The keyword here is "theoretical". I believe we can and will achieve these high speeds. But the question is whether or not the US operator platforms will be properly equipped for the new 4G technology. Also, whether or not the appropriate electromagnetic spectrum is going to be available for such use. One of the reasons all television broadcasts are switching from analog to digital is to free up a large chunk of the spectrum. Digital occupies approximately 25% less space on the spectrum than analog. The freed up space will belong to the government who will in turn auction it off to the highest bidders.

Some studies have been conducted whereas they suggest the majority of future Internet connectivity will be done through a mobile device.

See the full article here.

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