Sunday, December 14, 2008

Phoneflix - Netflix Phone Management

Recently we wrote a story about the latest OnDemand movie rental product, Blockbuster's 2Wire set-top box service. 2wire appeared to be another punch in the fierce battle between the two movie rental powerhouses, Blockbuster and Netflix. The two companies originally had very different business models, but since Blockbuster released its mail rental program they are both competing head to head.

The latest tech launch from Netflix is their mobile phone management application called Phoneflix. The application allows a user to easily make updates to their account or queue while on the go from their mobile phone. We see the major advantage of the application being the ability to quickly search and add a movie title to your queue. How many times have you been somewhere away from your computer discussing various movies with friends when you told yourself you'd add it to the queue when you got home. Several online reviewers stated the biggest drawback was the inability to tell if a movie is already in your queue while searching for movies via the mobile search.

All in all we recommend the application based on our review. The ability to successfully add movies to your queue definitely outweighs any disadvantages we have come across. Plus the application is free for blackberry and android users.

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Jeff Jones said...

It's funny how different Netflix is now compared to 8 years ago. Back then they were just making an app so you can update your account information... now we can watch Netflix titles right from our smartphones. Which interestingly seems to be something unique to Netflix, at least that's what I've gathered from all the Amazon Instant Video reviews I've read.