Wednesday, December 3, 2008

TV is becoming more portable than ever!

If you think your G3 phone is "all that and more", then just wait until the next phase of mobile television broadcasting. Sure, you can probably watch some streaming live video now, but that is all approved content provided to you through your cellular carriers.

The Advanced Televisions Systems Committee has recently approved a proposed standard specification, called Mobile DTV, which will extend the range of U.S. television broadcasters. In other words, this technology would allow television broadcasters to create mobile channels that are sent directly to your phone, laptops, or other portable devices. However, the cellular carriers would need to sell phones that are equipped to handle these specifications. Getting them on board may be the catch. Traditionally, the cellular carriers have not allowed devices capable of carrying content in which they are not controlling, or selling.

Mobile DTV would likely be subsidized by providing mobile-directed advertising in the programs. For example, a subway commercial may ask you to text SUBWAY to a short code number to get a special coupon. The advertising could also be location based as the user would be identified via GPS.

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