Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dose of Hope for You!

PosiText is all about giving you a daily boost, a shot so to speak, of positive thinking through a daily text message. Its a supplemental service that reaches out to you, rather than you reaching out to find something positive. Though PosiText makes it easier for you to fill your glass half full, we still scour the Internet looking for other services and tools that our subscribers may benefit from. We recently stumbled upon a website is a website that was launched in response to To describe GivesMeHope, its simply put as being the opposite to FMyLife (FML). According to the FML website, it is "a collection of everyday anecdotes and stories likely to happen to anyone and everyone, sent to us exclusively by our users, which we then publish on the site. This is a space where you can let it all out and unwind by sharing the little things that screw with your day, and maybe realize that you are not alone in experiencing day to day crap. / The site is meant to be fun to read and can be enjoyed on a daily basis." Readers Beware: Many of the posts on FML deal with sensitive or raunchy issues, but it in a rather round-about-way, it does provide its users with a satirical way of coping with day-to-day issues.

So it goes without saying that is a collection of everyday stories that 'gives hope' to its readers. One message posted on their website is "I recently cut my hair and donated it to locks of love. As I approached the counter to pay for the haircut, the receptionist informed me that the gentleman who was getting his hair cut a few seats down from me had paid for my haircut. He thought it was a wonderful thing that I was doing and that I shouldn't have to pay to help someone else. GMH."


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