Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hmmmmm... Is Pet Insurance Worth the Money?

The question looms...Is Pet Insurance really worth the money?

The answer to this varies depending on your needs and additude. Obviously your financial situation is the overwhelming factor in the decision making process. There have been just as many published articles praising pet insurance as articles that flat out discredit it. The PRO-position discusses instances where your pet has an underlying medical condition or one or more severe accidents that take place throughout your pets lifetime. Lets face it, if your pet never gets sick or in an accident, pet insurance was not worth it based on financial considerations. But was it still worth it? Keep in mind that insurance is a form of security. We never know in advance that our loved one is going to be in an accident or develop a serious illness. The insurance gives us piece of mind that we have financial assistance and guidance through these unfortunate events.

Pet insurance is a personal decision that you will need to apply to your unique situation. We encourage you to comparison shop different plans and read the fine print. Know what the plan covers and does not cover and the corresponding deductibles. Some plans even provide additional services that can help save money over your pets life, such as reduced cost or free vet visits, cheaper drugs and grooming, etc. One question you should ask yourself is whether or not you have an emergency fund that will help cover any significant event that can occur.
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Sarah Throlson said...

I think it's definitely worth the money as long as you can find a provider with a good pet insurance rating. There are plenty of providers out there who aren't the best, to say the least.